How To: Make a book of “Recipies from Home”


Last weekend my husband and I went to visit my parents and my sisters in southern Minnesota. As a newlywed, who has been taking on ever-increasing cooking adventures, I thought it would be great to have the recipes my parents used growing up. I had copied down recipe cards here and there through the college years, but not many, and some of them had been lost in the shuffle of multiple moves. About of month ago I got an iPhone and discovered the convenience of having a decent camera with me at all times. I pulled out my mom’s recipe box and starting photographing the recipes, which brings us to…

How to Make the Book:

  1. Take photos of your favorite recipes.
    I used my phone, but you can use a standard digital camera for the same results. Taking pictures prevents the hassle of typing in recipes by hand and preserves the nostalgic look of handwritten, well-used recipies.
  2. Upload to
    Since I took the pictures on my phone I used to Shutterfly app to upload the pics, but you can just as easily log in to the web page to upload the pictures. You’ll have to log in to make the book anyway. I recommend making a new album for recipes.
  3. Start a Photo Book Project
    The Shutterfly photo book creator is really easy to use. If you’ve never used it there are online help and chat options. I have shared my book, so if you want to start from my colors and template use this link and choose “Make One Like This”. Otherwise, create the book as a “normal” photo book (not a recipe book since you won’t be typing the recipes in, and therefore won’t need that much room to type). I made a soft-cover 8×8 book, which for me works well. You can also apply this method to a 12×12 hard or soft cover book.
  4. Add Your Pictures
    Once you have a book started (whether from mine or from scratch) all you have to do is drag and drop the pictures into the book. Make sure to check the box “hide used”, that way you won’t put the same recipes in more than once. You can add titles to the pictures or leave them blank.
  5. Preview and Order
    Add a cover (you can add pictures too, if you so desire) preview you book and order. Mine came in about a week.
  6. Share, Cook, and Enjoy!
    These books make great gift ideas or easy ways to share favorite family recipes. Now cook and enjoy some true homestyle cooking! View my finished book here.
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3 Responses to How To: Make a book of “Recipies from Home”

  1. Lynn Negaard says:

    This is so fun Kim… what a great idea! You are very clever and creative…… you’ve got my creative juices flowing now too!

  2. Libby Luecke says:

    can’t wait to enjoy some of those recipes 🙂

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