Thankful Thursday!

Thankful Thusdays
Hi All! First, I am thankful for Lauren (@forwardpace) of who inspired me to start these Thankful Thursday posts. This is my first one and I hope to make them a weekly event. Also, Ali Feller (@AliOnTheRun1) of who inspired Lauren to start them. So thank you to these lovely ladies for spreading the thankfulness. You can also follow the hashtag #thankfulthursday.

Josh’s Patience… and Endurance
Yesterday Josh and I set our for a mid-pace 24 mile bike ride. We both thought we knew which side of the fork in the trail we were going to take, only we didn’t take the same one. Josh, being the faster rider, usually gets ahead of me, and then waits at major intersections for me to catch up. He took the south trail and I took the west trail and when he waited for me on the next intersection (of the south trail) I never showed up. So he went back looking for me, thinking I had a flat or something had happened. In total he rode an extra 10 miles looking for me, meanwhile I was blazing along the west trail trying to catch up to where I thought he was, and eventually arriving at our front door with no phone or keys to discover he wasn’t there. I had a few minutes of panic thinking he might have been hurt, but was very relived and comforted to find out he was out there looking for me thinking the same thing. Next time: I’ll bring my phone. And double-check the route. Thanks for being awesome Josh!

Beautiful Weather
I am very thankful for the beautiful weather we’ve been having this week in MN. It makes it so fun to get out on the trails and enjoy the evenings. I didn’t even mid sitting outside when I got locked out of my apartment. I plan on being outside as much as I can, in this nice weather before the cold sets in.

Clean Running Water
Yesterday I came home to really nasty rusty water in our apartment. I know rusty water isn’t necessarily unsafe, but I didn’t want to drink it. It made me realized how much I take for granted having clean, safe, clear water to drink, cook with, and take a shower. So many people in the world do not have this luxury, and this serves as a good reminder of the little things that are so important and yet often go unnoticed.

Hope you all have a wonderful week with lots of be thankful for!

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1 Response to Thankful Thursday!

  1. Hip hip hooray for Thankful Things Thursday!

    I could not be more thankful for this glorious weather today. Hellllooo, fall!

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