8 New Things I Did This Summer

Listed in Chronological Order

1. Experienced Vegas: I attended my first Tradeshow for work this year: PTC’s PlanetPTC Live show in Las Vegas where I ran the booth, talked to prospects, and various other marketing-person tasks. That trip was my first time in Vegas. I also rode in a cab for the first time. I know, so sheltered, right?!

The Fishbowl Booth in Vegas!

2. Ran 10 miles… at one time: Big thanks to Josh for this one because he convinced me to do it! Being new to running this year I didn’t think I could run 10 miles. Now I know I can, and I’ve even started looking at marathons for next year. I’ve come a long way since the kid that dreaded running the mile in PE!

3. Discovered Stand Up Paddleboarding: So much fun! Stand Up Paddleboarding is like a big surfboard that you stand up on and paddle with a long oar. It is easy to learn and great core work. For those in Minneapolis, Lake Calhoun rents them at the same rental station as the canoes and kayaks.

Josh and I on Stand Up Paddleboards.

4. Tried to Wake surf: I tried to wakesurf. I couldn’t actually get up, but I tried. Josh, however, rocked the wake surfing! We’d never even heard of it before this summer, but our wonderful friends Libby and Caleb introduced us to the awesomeness! It’s really fun to watch. You basically surf on the wake of a boat and when you get the hang of it you don’t need to hold the rope, the boat propels you. Because the surfer is only 5-10 feet behind the boat you can talk to them and see them a lot better than skiing/wakeboarding which makes it that much better for those riding along.

Josh rocking the wake surfing!

5. Ate at Zorbaz :This one makes the list because it was pretty amusing. Libby told me, “we’re thinking Zorbas on the lake for lunch” to which I replied, “I’ve never had a Zorbas, but they sound tasty.” Who knew? Zorbas is not a food, it’s a restaurant chain, but it was tasty all the same. And now I have eaten there.

6. Pitched my own Tent: This wasn’t the first time I’ve helped pitch a tent, but it was Josh and my first time using our own tent that we got as a wedding gift last October, and setting it up ourselves and being our own little family at the group camping trips. At Fourth of July we were able to lie in the tent with the flap rolled open and watch the fireworks over the lake. It was so much fun and we picked a great tent because it was really easy to set up and kept us dry through the downpours.

Our tent at Fourth of July!

7. Rode a bike “clipped in”: I got “clipless” pedals in July and they are awesome, except for the part where I have tipped over 3 times since installing them. (All of these tumbles were on my old bike. Fingers crossed, I haven’t tipped the new one yet.) Two of times I fell were within one week of each other and I had lovely bruises on both hips. Me and the clipless pedals have had a rocky start to our journey together, but I’m optimistic… and a big fan of the added efficiency!

8. Completed a Triathlon: I did my first sprint triathlon in August. It was amazing! I am addicted. You can read all the details here: Race Report

Our Group Before the Triathlon

Try anything cool this summer? I’d love to hear. Leave me a comment or share a link.

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