Thankful Thursday!

Hi everyone, it’s that time again. Thankful Things Thursday where I reflect on some of the many things I have to be thankful for this week.

Yoga and KT Tape for Running: Since mid August I’ve been struggling with the joy that is ITBS. Recently I added yoga and KT Tape to my treatment routine. On Monday I ran 1.5 miles with zero knee pain. Not far, but it’s something. I also ran a little bit on the treadmill yesterday to warm up before strength work and had no pain. So far I’ve only gone short distances, but even while walking and biking I’ve noticed a decrease in IT band tension. I think the yoga and KT Tape ( are helping. I’m thankful for them and the collaborative power of the internet that lead me to discover these solutions.

Free Photobook from Shutterfly: Got a random email from Shutterfly for a free photo book. I love making photo books. So that was a happy email to get. You can check out my super easy recipe idea book here.

$1 Subs from Jimmy Johns: Yay! Today Jimmy Johns was selling $1 subs in the Twin Cities metro area. Waited 20 minutes, but it was worth it! Thanks Jimmy Johns! I love as tasty bargain!

Caffeinated Crystal Light! Thanks for helping me get through the day! Enough said.

Good Friends! I am so thankful for our good friends Libby & Caleb. We got to spend most of Sunday with them doing the Urban Assault Ride in Minneapolis. They were the ones who originally got Josh and I into biking. It’s been such a busy summer and was great to spend time with them this weekend and cruise around the metro on our bikes. We also enjoyed adult big wheels, a three legged obstacle course, and other fun adventures.

Me, Josh, Caleb & Libby at the Urban Assalt Ride

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